Team Crocodile would like to thank:

Hexcel Composites Ltd.
For aluminium composite panels and carbon laminate strips used in car base and body. Normally used in aircraft manufacture.

Vantico Ltd.
For special aircraft adhesives: Redux 420, LY5052 and HY5052. Used for making laminates.

Fothergill Engineered Fabrics Ltd.
For glass cloth and carbon fibre materials for body and wheel covers.

Talon Engineering
Provision of special sprockets used in car transmission.

Permabond Ltd.
For aircraft bonding adhesives.

Simpers of Cambridge
Provision of cover for car safety and transport.

Abrey Limited
For precision bearings for the engine transmission and wheels.

G E Sworder
For support.

Andrew McCulloch
For support and photograhic printing service.

Mike Billinton
For engine testing, technical support and advice on the project.

MBE Systems Ltd.
Engine management system support and advice.

Mike Evans, Shell Global Solutions
For organising and keeping Shell Eco-Marathon alive.

Lloyd Townsend, Ison Distribution Ltd.
For special halo rims and cycle parts.

Michelin Tyres
For tyres specially for Shell Eco-Marathon tournament.

Hawker Energy Ltd.
For supplying battery pack used for starter and engine management system.

Last but not the least:
All the friends, colleagues and Cavendish staff for making the Team Crocodile project possible.