2000 Model

Team Crocodile on the way to fuel measurement after completing the 6 laps(10 miles). Year 2000 race.

Team Crocodile on the track at Silverstone Grandprix Racing Circuit

Building of 2001 Model

1/8" scale of new Team Crocodile 2001 model, work started in August 2000

Floor panel and base of new Team Crocodile model from aircraft specification aluminium honey comb panels.

Rear cover made from composite strips, balsa and glass fibre materials.

View of the rear drive wheel, wheel bracket, engine unit and the metal roll-bar.

Testing of the drivers seat and arrangement.

New and old(right) models seen at the national Science Week, March 2001.

In action...

Rockingham Motor Raceway, June 23rd 2001

Mark Chapman(driver) with sister Lisa(Time-keeper), dad Alan(co-ordinator) and mum.

Coming in for fuel measurement after 7 laps (10 miles), 2001.

Getting ready at Rockingham - July 2002

Fancy Carol from Japan with Team Crocodile at Rockingham - July 2002

During the race at Rockingham - July 2002

Scottish race - August 2002