Team's History
Team Crocodile from Cavendish Laboratory, Department of Physics, University of Cambridge was formed by Rik Balsod five years ago. The prime function was to make the car a learning tool so everybody can join in discussions and also share ideas and work as a team. It was built to meet the rules set by Shell Mileage Marathon body.It was powered by a 26cc 4 stroke streamer engine from U.S.A. and most of the work was done after work hours and weekends with the help of technicians and researchers. We have designed and built a new car for this year with 27cc 4 stroke fuel injected engine. As there seems to be a lack of apprenticeship and the industrial training we at the Cavendish Laboratory have exhibited the car during the National Science Week and also exhibit it at the Physics At Work talks held only at the Cavendish Labs where we get 3,500 to 4,000 school children from 14 to 18 years of age. The talks last 30 minutes with classes of 25 - 30 pupils 3 to 4 topics are covered and talks last 5 days. The car attracts lots of attention as it involves subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Design and Technology in Mechanical and Electronics, Computing, I.T. and Business Studies, Graphic Design and Art work. This type of projects gives youngsters hands on experience and they should be encouraged in education establishments as the country needs young engineers and technicians. Not everyone expects to become academics and there are many youngsters who are very technical minded any type of hands on projects would be beneficial. In schools Shell Eco Marathon type projects boosts the morale of children and the whole schools and also give them sense of achievement.

1997 Shell Mileage Marathon World Championship 1427 mpg
1998 Shell Mileage Marathon World Championship 2101 mpg, 9th in UK, 22th Overall (135 Teams)
1999 Shell Mileage Marathon World Championship 1702 mpg, 15th in UK, 30th Overall(142 Teams)
1999 Scottish Eco Marathon National Championship 1366 mpg, 6th Overall(35 Teams)
2000 Shell Eco Marathon NEC National Championship 1568 mpg, 9th Overall(52 Teams)
2001 Shell Eco Marathon World Championship 2821 mpg, 5th in UK, 6th Overall(55 Teams)
2002 Shell Eco Marathon - Rockingham Circuit - July 2184 mpg, 6th in UK, 8th in the world
2002 Scottish Eco Marathon - August 2712 mpg, 5th in UK, 6th in the world and 1st in Universities
2003 Shell Eco Marathon - Rockingham Circuit - [8th - 9th July] and Scottish Eco Marothon [8th - 9th August] Watch this space for details....

The above are the results of the "Team Crocodile" It has also been Exhibited at the National Science Week, Physics at Work at Cavendish Laboratory , Army base open day ,United States Air Force Bases, 90th Birthday of Marshals of Cambridge Airport and Company. We also take the car to lot of schools to display during lessons for half days to encourage pupils into this type of projects. Team Crocodile has also appeared in local Cambridge news papers and National news papers Times News and Sunday Times, Cambridge University News letter and Physics World Magazine which is sent all over the world to research fellows and the academia. It has also appeared in BBC TV, ITV and Sky programs, and American National TV. This year "Team Crocodile" has been on Anglia ITV at the Cavendish Laboratory and at the Rockingham Motor Sports Circuit near Corby, during the Shell Eco Marathon World Championship 2001.It was shown on Anglia TV. It was also televised by BBC and the B.S.N. and it was shown over hundreds of stations World Wide.